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Love Keeps Her in the Air
After Miranda, Zoe Washburne changed.
She became harder, colder.  Like a mere shell of the woman that she had been before.  She still fulfilled her duties as first mate - Zoe was never one to let her captain down - but other than that, she did nothing more, never going beyond what was expected of her.  
None of the crew had ever seen her like this before, and it scared them.  Other than Mal - he remembered the last time the curly-haired woman was like this.  It was right after the War, and Wash had fixed that.
She was like a Reaver - no, not a Reaver.  That would require her to have enough emotion left for her to feel anger.  She was more like... like the smuggling hole, River decided, as the younger of the Tam siblings sat up on the catwalk of the cargo hold.  She was watching the soldier as she sat down there on one of the cargo boxes.
"He's still here, you know." River's voice broke through the silence, making the older woman jum
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Watch How I Soar :icondaughterofthetardis:DaughterOfTheTARDIS 1 0
Rule One
A/N~ this is an alternate version of the minisode First Night.
After The Wedding Of River Song.
Nearly 24 hours have passed.
Nearly twenty-four hours since she first woke up on a prison ship, was handed her verdict of twelve thousand consecutive life sentences, and left in a cell in the Stormcage Containment Facility.
Nearly twenty-four hours since she had killed the man she loved. Or did she marry him? Or was it both?
She couldn't remember. Everything about that time at the lakeside was fuzzy. She would remember one thing happening, then all of a sudden remember something completely different.
There were a few things she most certainly remembered, though:
She had stopped herself from killing the Doctor at Lake Silencio.
Fighting against and capturing the Silence, keeping them at Area 52.
And then….
"There are so many theories about you and I, you know."
"Idle gossip."
"Same thing."
"Am I the woman who marries you… or the woman who murders you."
"Oh, I don't w
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Emily+Severus - Family Moments :iconredpassion:RedPassion 402 250 Mirana of Marmoreal :iconredpassion:RedPassion 491 150 Romantic splish splat.... :iconredpassion:RedPassion 383 78 AIW- Christmas baking... :iconredpassion:RedPassion 665 238 Emily Wardrobe Meme :iconredpassion:RedPassion 593 160 CS-Emily Brown Hogwarts Yule Ball Dress :iconredpassion:RedPassion 231 143 From this moment on... :iconredpassion:RedPassion 856 222 Alice+Tarrant-When a mad heart :iconredpassion:RedPassion 2,054 493 The right man... :iconredpassion:RedPassion 2,167 584 Mad :iconcolorsplasssssh:ColorSplasssssh 1 3
Alistair in Wonderland: Sample
Alistair in Wonderland:
A Genderbending Story
Chapter 1
"Alistair, you're back!" cried a bright, tinkling voice from the head of the table.
"No, he isn't," said another, squeakier one.  "He's not the right Alistair."
The young man in question, shrunk by pishsalver, stood before the tea party's platform but was at such an angle that he could not see the bearers of these voices.
But then he heard a great thump and saw the table and tea-ware jump as a dazzling whirlwind of colors appeared tripping eagerly across the surface, setting cups and saucers and pots to clattering.  The young man reflexively blinked against the brightness as the cyclone descended in a great rush of air.  When he opened his eyes, he found two brilliantly green orbs smiling back.
"Oh, it's certainly him," breathed the same tinkling voice past cherry red lips.  "I'd know Alistair anywhere."
These words were curious to the young man, and shocked as he was by all that
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Baby Valdez
When Tía Callida had Leo poke at the rattlesnake with a stick.... This is what happens when you read these books at 2 in the morning.
Jenny - Asgard
So this is a sneak peek at a fanfiction arc I'm going to start up soon.  Jenny - the Doctor's daughter - and her life after leaving Messaline.  Some of the artwork for this series may include my OC, the Angel, who is the daughter of the Doctor and River Song.  
This one shows Jenny in both Asgardian battle armor, as well as one version of her robes for daily life in Odin's court.  I like to think that this one would be saved mainly for trips down to Migard, where she may have to scare and/or awe a few people into listening to her.


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I have just started actually uploading my work online, so most of the time what you see online looks better in person. Most of my work will be centered around multiple fandoms - the fandoms vary depending on my mood, honestly. I do take requests on occasion, so don't be afraid to ask!


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